I work as a stage space artist and lighting designer for theater, arts and art in architectural space. My artistic work as is based on basic architectural systems and by shifting levels of abstraction, associative stages and spaces are created. Through the sensitive embedding of light, a tangible atmosphere and psychological, immersive spaces unfold, which become actors themselves. From the very first design idea , light is an integral part of my work and my spaces are inspired by architecture and design. By introducing and developing light elements as space objects or possibilities of variable lighting, atmospheres and moods are created which influence the space, the actors, the visitors and the audience. For me, the most exciting moment in the process of work is the lighting rehearsals and set up. Here my spaces come to life, start to breathe, disappear, float and focus. The possibilities to change atmospheres by setting light, to make moods tangible and to create worlds fascinates me the most. My work always bases on psychological concepts, which achieve their perfection through light.