N O I R  C U I S I N E  - F I L M   N O I R


When looking into the dining room, the eye is first drawn to the tables, which are the focal point of the scenery. Here, focused spotlightswith hard edges created by minimalist hanging lamps put the food in the center. The diffuse light through the opaque window fronts to the left and at the back of the restaurant, as well as the backlit gray Plexiglas pane on the right wall, create an orientation light that makes the structure of the space and the seating sculpture tangible. The golden aluminum floor reflects the spill light of the space  and the sloped walking surface that runs through the space stands out against the geometric black seating area. The red direct light from the kitchen creates a play of light and shadow on the floor



The bar area in the basement of the building is transformed into a modern neo noir set, where not only strong light dark contrasts stage the space but also color becomes a design medium. Red light is used as key light and the typical shadow play of the Venetian Blind becomes the main stylistic element of the space. Spotlights in cyan set highlights in the seating area and emphasize the table tops and seating niches with clear edges.

The golden aluminum staircase is additionally illuminated with Davide Groppie hanging lights to create sufficient brightness on the steps.