by Dor Aloni & Raban Witt



St. Pauli Theater Hamburg




DIRECTOR |  Dor Aloni

STAGE | LIGHTING DESIGN |  Mara-Madeleine Pieler

COSTUME | Christina Geiger

VIDEO | Benjamin Hassmann

PHOTOS | Laura Gericke

When my brother was little, I used to tell him, "You'd better not take a shower when it's dark outside. Because sometimes when you shower in the dark, Hitler comes and opens the gas pipe." My brother then didn't want to shower at all until he was 12.


Dor Aloni stages himself and asks about the connection between collective trauma and individual identity. In his search for the evil in himself and in us, the director and actor follows the tracks of his memory: from his Yemenite-Jewish parental home to the Israeli army to his encounter with Hitler in a Munich television shop and back to the confrontation with his own family. His own history serves him as the material of a great hoax. Art becomes a place of rebellion and a weapon against the role attributions of memory culture.

In his play, Aloni lets the audience participate in the experience of a seemingly never-ending search for something like one's own meaning. He uses the theatre space as a field of experimentation to make fantasies and memories real for a moment at the same time.