Raphaela Andrade Cordova & Mara-Madeleine Pieler



Westwerk Hamburg


Photos Simeon Melchior



TRI-A-DE a series of exhibitions 


At the beginning of "Eingangs #TRI-A-DE" is the development of three stage spaces whose themes follow the ideas of the stage designers (Andrade Pieler Production). These in turn can refer to anything that serves to find the space. To a mood, the development of a narrative of one's own, but also to an existing text - a person who is to act, direct, play or develop and show their work in it. The stage here is not something sublime - elevating text, play and direction - but a space that is entered. The gate to the Westwerk Hall will open and close again and again. The stage set will change for each lift.




Andrade Pieler Production invite you to a site visit, free choice of place on everything that is nailed down. Material has been hauled in, vans filled and building materials parked on the site.

Andrade Pieler Production builds your desired house. Be it fast and airy on the first day /16 July, sustainable and original on the second day/17 July or elaborate and stable on the third day/18 July. We assure you that in three days the settlement will be ready. 

Current clients, the three little pigs.

But who are the troublemakers who play tennis at night on the building site, fire up the barbecue and organise wooden beam throwing competitions, Paul Behren and Dor Aloni.



Paul Behren

Dor Aloni






Aha ?! So the fool is supposed to be the hearty animal lover? Did I understand that correctly? 

I imagine him in a dream sequence, walking through the green colour, a swamp, a bog, a forest. Piles, puddles, tracks on the ground telling of past meals.  


He will read to the ants, ducks and bees and if you leave your thoughts outside the gate you will be able to hear him. 



Doris Margarete Schmidt

Boris Vogeler 

Finnja Denkewitz 

Jakob Spengemann



The blue hour flows through the doors into the salon. Into the salon that doesn't know time, that doesn't know dimensions and you are suddenly like a body without a shadow. Does it creep you out or do you feel safe in the twilight? Something will be in the air, something will sing to the room, something will hit the floor, something will look you in the face without you recognising it. You will step on the floor of the sports field, you will dive into the light of the solarium and you will lie in the colours of the sleeping room.



Lisa Rykena


Carl Hofmann