Kampnagel Hamburg


Choreography  |  Performance  |  Carolin Jüngst  & Lisa Rykena

STAGE  | Lea Kissing

LIGHTING  | Mara-Madeleine Pieler

COSTUME  |  Mia Wittenhaus

MUSIC | Raphaela Andrade

PHOTOS  |  Jonas Fischer

With Sense of Wonder, Hamburg-based choreographers Lisa Rykena and Carolin Jüngst create an expedition scenario in which the performers traverse an unknown region in which nothing works as it should. The environment becomes a space of imagination, a performative metaphor and at the same time a choreographic playing surface. In the science fiction genre, the expression Sense of Wonder describes an expanded form of awareness of what seems possible, and thus simultaneously appeals to the willingness to marvel. By drawing on speculative and climate fiction motifs and combining the credible with the mysterious, the choreographer duo places the fairy tale motif of wonder and its construction at the center of their exploration. As in their earlier works, the two artists draw on classical, mythological and pop-cultural materials and create new narratives, embodiments and hybrid forms from a queer-feminist perspective.